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Philosophy of Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association

Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association was established on May 8, 1923. The Association strives to protect basic human rights and to promote social justice, which we consider to be the obligations of every lawyer. Our Association is also active in the development of the judicial system and improving the status of lawyers in Japanese society.

At the time our Association was established, lawyers were under the supervision of the Chief Public Prosecutor of the District Court's Public Prosecutor Bureau. Accordingly, there were severe restrictions on the protection of fundamental human rights and social justice.

In 1949, our Association took the initiative under the new Lawyers Law to establish the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, thus firmly establishing the principle of self-regulation in the profession which continues to this day. As members of a non-governmental legal profession, Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association lawyers must uphold the values of moral conduct expected of them, while undertaking matters in a modest and cooperative manner, and strive to be model citizens in our community.

The spirit of independence, neutrality and moderation which prevailed at the time our Association was founded has been handed down without change to the present day.

We strive to maintain such spirit, and continue to be a bar association that can truly live up to the expectations and trust of the community. Our members are active not only with respect to individual human rights and resolving legal problems, but also in ensuring fairness in business transactions. Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar lawyers handle international and highly specialized matters on a daily basis.

The spirit of our Association which existed at the time of our founding in 1923 is displayed in the Association offices as the "Articles of Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association." These values continue to form the basis of a daily code of conduct for all members of our Association, and also of the oath sworn by new members during the General Meeting admissions ceremony which is unique to our Association.